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September 13, 2006

We can’t think of a better form of advertising than user testimonials. Hitachi Power Tools regularly receives emails and phone calls from customers who rave about their Hitachi tool that consistently exceeds their expectations. We couldn’t be more proud. Click on this section to sample just a few.<

Here are just a few customer comments that we’d like to share.

"I enjoy woodworking and I've used various tools for all of my projects. People reference that Dewalt is one of the better tools, but after I purchased my C12LCH 12" compound miter saw, it has made all of my finish carpentry faster and easier with perfect cuts every time. I would purchase more Hitachi products for my workshop over the other brands and thank you for making such a fine miter saw."
Scott P., Woodbridge, NJ

"I have recently purchased a 12" sliding dual compound miter saw- model # C12LSH and a router with the stationary base and plunge base- model # KM12VC. I cannot say enough good things about these tools. I am a carpenter by trade and I do a little furniture making on the side. I searched out every 12" miter saw there is and I couldn't find a saw comparable to Hitachi's in quality. If anywhere comparable in price, they did not even come close to matching the functions and reliability of Hitachi. I use the miter saw for a lot of finish work that I do. The router is wonderful also. I can't believe all the extras it came with, and how quiet it is. I will always be a loyal customer to Hitachi power tools. I saw the gas operated nailers on your website and I can't wait to try those out as well. I use Hitachi nailers at work and they take a beating and keep on going. I tell all my carpenter buddies about how great your tools are and they have all been marvelling by them. Thank you for such a great product at a good price."
Kevin G., Cambridge, MN

"I recently purchased the C12LSH Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw and it is amazing. I am a fabricator  and installer of custom curtain walls, skylights, and solariums. Most of my extrusions are minimum 1/8 walls. In the past, I have had nothing but problems with Dewalt and Makita products. This saw is a pleasure to work with. The new forward slide design really helps as I have limited bench space. Thanks again for a great product and I look forward to my next Hitachi purchase."
K. Wallburg, Canada

"In May of 2005 I started an indoor project of expanding a doorway in my kitchen. I primarily purchase Craftsman Tools from my local Sears store for my power tool needs. I found a Hitachi CR13V reciprocating saw at a local Lowe's store after hours when the Sears store was closed and purchased my first Hitachi product out of convenience. Late September 2005, Hurricane Rita brought about a 3 foot surge of water into our home. My new saw was located on the bottom shelf in my laundry room. Salt water stayed in the house over the saw about 40 hours before fully receding. Almost all my power tools went under. I let them dry out for about 3 days. After getting the mud, sewage and carpet out of our house it was time to cut out the dry wall. The Hitachi saw was still dripping water and mud out of the slits in the plastic cover over the electric motor when I plugged it in (I'm sure this isn't recommended by the safety division). The saw ran great for 3 straight days cutting out drywall. Only one other power tool would start up again. We are still cleaning up and still using the saw with no problems (no dripping mud and water after the first day!). We have used it to cut out sub-floors, drywall, 4x4's, PVC pipe, etc. This was my first, but won't be my last Hitachi power tool purchase."
Pat A. New Iberia, LA

"Just wanted to compliment you on your tools. I am a custom woodworker and have been slowly replacing my shop tools with Hitachi. These are the best woodworking tools I have found."
Jim A., Las Vegas, NV

"I just wanted to write and say, I love the Hitachi brand power tools. I just recently replaced ALL my other power tools with Hitachi. Thank you for making a product that is both very affordable, and well built. I will never buy another brand of tool EVER! Thanks again."
Mark D., Waterbury, CT< P>

"Just bought the C10FSH miter saw and wanted to say this is my first Hitachi tool. What a great tool! And it comes with a rebate that actually worked. I was very surprised to see my new sander come in the mail only two weeks after sending the rebate information in the mail. I am VERY impressed with your company and products and will be purchasing more tools from you in the future. THANK YOU!"
Ronnie J.

"About a year ago, I purchased my first Hitachi tool, and that was a framing nailer. I found it to be a great replacement for my Paslode nailer. Because of my experience with that product, I replaced my  old Makita sliding compound miter saw with a Hitachi and again I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that I also purchased an 8-1/2" sliding compound miter saw as well. I am truly a Hitachi believer and plan on purchasing additional Hitachi products in the future (I purchased a DS18DMR yesterday). Thanks for making a great, dependable tool."
Bruce P., Arlignton Heights, IL

"I appreciate the way Hitachi has expedited my item and responded to my needs. It's good to know that Hitachi is efficient, this is the first Hitachi tool I've ever purchased and this makes me more comfortable in future purchases. I will tell this to another contractor that I know, so they too can see how Hitachi operates."
Toby B.

“Almost every tool I have is Hitachi. I’ve never found a better tool.”
Bob P.

“This is my very first Hitachi product, but with this kind of customer support, it will certainly not be my last!”
John M. of Monroe, NH regarding the C10FSH Sliding Compound Miter Saw

“This saw is the greatest! It’s very smooth, quiet and an accurate compound miter saw.”
Jerry M. commenting on the C10FSB Miter Saw

“I recently purchased a drill/driver from our local Lowe’s. I LOVE it!”
Sandi L. of Denver, CO

“I just want to tell Hitachi about a drill I just bought. I am remodeling the outside of my home. I’ve used a lot of power tools in my day, but the 14.4 Volt drill I got from Lowe’s is by far the best. To me, it’s stronger than some 18 Volt drills I’ve used. I’m tearing off three layers of siding by myself, and I’ve been using my drill like crazy. Thank you again.”
Mike S. of Atlanta, GA

“My sons and I use your power tools exclusively in our business. To say we love your tools would be an understatement. The quality and reliability are great. Your tools have never let us down, we recommend them all the time.”
Patrick H. of Harrisburg, PA

“I was using my personal drill to drill out some rivets, and after just holding the Hitachi stuff, there was no comparison. I had to go get the Hitachi ¼” Impact Driver with the drill bit inserts to finish the job, my (personal) drill sucked so bad.”
Bobby T.

“I have been extremely satisfied with all my Hitachi tools (10” Compound Slide Miter Saw/ Grinder/7-1/4” Circular Saw and my 14.4V Cordless Drill). Thanks for your great products.”
David R. of Gordonsville, VA

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