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H45MRY SDS Max Low Vibration Demolition Hammer

  • Patented User Vibration Protection (UVP) Technology for 60% less full-load tri-axial vibration to significantly reduce vibration transfer to the user
  • Best-in-class impact energy at 9.4 ft/lbs for16% faster chiseling and best-in-class material removal rates
  • 9.2 Amp motor and 950 watts of input power for increased productivity
  • Optimized striking for more efficient transmission of power
  • Idle strike restrictor to prevent no-load activation and additional wear on the tool
  • Lock-on button built into trigger for comfort during extended use
  • Dust-resistant structure to guard internal components from harmful debris as well as to prevent grease leakage
  • Extended wear carbon brushes for 50% longer use than traditional brushes
  • Auto-stop indicator for routine maintenance checks and longer tool-life
  • Variable lock mechanism for 12 angle positions and a quick release system for simple bit changes
  • Soft, non-slip elastomer grip handle for improved comfort and control
  • Adjustable D-shaped side handle for maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Download the H45MRY Tool Card


  • Side Handle (326511)
  • 12" Bull Point (724963)
  • Injection Molded Carrying Case (326511)
Shank SDS Max
Full-Load Impact Rate 3,000 BPM
Full-Load Noise 99 dB
Impact Energy 9.4 ft/lbs
Full-Load Tri-Axial Vibration 7.7 m/s2
Amps 9.2
Power Input 950W
Length 18.7"
Weight 13.0 lbs

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