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G18SCY 7" 15-Amp Low Vibration Angle Grinder, AC/DC

  • Features User Vibration Protection (UVP) technology that reduces full load tri-axial vibration by up to 30%
  • UVP technology employed via a flexible main handle and side handle that reduces vibration to only 3.3 meters per second squared
  • Adjustable side handle and main handle covered in soft elastomer grip which absorbs vibration and provides a comfortable and secure grip
  • Features 2-part stator coil design that offers 1.5 times the surface area for 25% cooler operation
  • Best in class overload durability
  • Newly designed gear structure reduces noise level by up to 60%
  • Gear structure lessens kickback effect experienced during start-up
  • 15 Amp motor with 1,700 watts of input power and 10% more output power than competitive models at 1,110 watts
  • One-touch quick off mechanism provides added safety
  • Easy to manipulate spindle lock makes it simple to change out accessories as needed
  • Extended wear carbon brush that lasts 56% longer than traditional brushes with an auto stop feature for simple and routine maintenance checks
  • Dust protected switches and sealed armatures protect the internal components from harmful dust and debris
  • Lightweight at 11.2 lbs for easier operation
  • Download the G18SCY Tool Card


  • Wheel Guard (324266)
  • Side Handle (322411)
  • Spanner Wrench (325491)
Amps 15
Rating 120V AC/DC
Watt Input 1,700
Watt Output 1,110
Max Watt Output 3,500
Wheel Diameter 7"
No-load Speed 6,000 RPM
Full Load Tri-Axial Vibration 3.3 Meters per second squared
Gear Sound Roughness 0.7 Asper
Brush Life 250 Hours
Soft Grip Main Handle Yes
Spindle Lock Yes
Tool-less Wheel Guard Yes
Length 19.7"
Weight 11.2 lbs

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