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The VPR framing blades feature a patented proprietary hollow ground tooth design so each tooth acts like a scoop attributing to the extremely fast, yet smoother cleaner cut with less effort from the tool. The unique hollow ground tooth design also helps significantly extend the life of the blade as compared to current premium framing blades on the market today. Hitachi's 725213 VPR blade features an alternating tooth bevel (ATB) design for a fast clean cut. The 725215 VPR blade offers a unique U-shape tooth design that gives each tooth two cutting points for a total of 48. The 24-teeth with 48 cutting points helps to reduce vibration.
Part No.DiameterArborTeethGrindPlate
7252137-1/4"5/8"24Hollow Ground Tooth FaceSteel Cut
7252157-1/4"5/8"24Hollow Ground Tooth FaceStamped

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